Discover below how to Buy. Support. Enjoy Aussie Dairy

Buy. Support. Enjoy Aussie Dairy

With the variety of milk and other dairy products available it can be confusing knowing which to buy to support Australian dairy farmers.

Choosing Australian dairy products is good for regional jobs and our communities, not to mention the health benefits of milk, cheese and yoghurt for bones and muscles.

The fact it tastes incredible, is an added bonus. So, if supporting local and maintaining good health matters to you - buy Aussie dairy.


Meet our dairy ambassador

AFL Footy legend and media personality Jonathan Brown, or as he is affectionately known, ‘Browny’ is our dairy industry brand ambassador - you might see him appear regularly in our TV ads talking about why dairy matters to local communities, and how important dairy is in maintaining good health.

Given Jonathan comes from a multi-generational Warnambool dairy farming family, as well as dairy having played a huge role in his diet as a former athlete, Browny brings a genuine and passionate connection to help support the Australian dairy industry.

Incorporate Aussie Dairy into your diet

We're rallying Australians to get behind their local dairy industry and Buy, Support, Enjoy Aussie Dairy. Explore the makers and creators of Aussie dairy and the reasons why dairy is so nutritious!

Take a look at our Dairy Kitchen and discover how you can incorporate more Aussie dairy into your diet, and your cooking! Scroll down the page to find out how you can support Aussie dairy farmers by buying products made from Aussie milk.