Little girl sitting on man's shoulders with cows in the background


Australian dairy intends to be an integral part of the national and global effort to address the world’s biggest sustainability challenges.

As an industry that requires land, water and animals, and employs people to provide human nutrition, the Australian dairy industry has been redefining its position in the global food chain.
Australian dairy promises to provide nutritious food for a healthier world. To do this, we have made a number of sustainability commitments to the community, our people, the environment and our animals.

Our internationally recognised Sustainability Framework is our guide to sustainable dairy production, with goals and targets set for 2030, confirming our ambition to continue to make changes for the better.

Australian dairy has a number of actions underway to achieve the goals. Find out what’s happening across the industry and discover more about the role of dairy foods in healthy, sustainable diets and food systems, by exploring each of the tiles below.